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It’s true, we cut down trees to bring you our products.

We’re concerned about the environment and know you likely are too. It’s everyone’s responsibility for the care and treatment of the environment. At Jag Printing, we do our part by using renewable resources in an environmentally fiscal way.



  • Paper waste
    • 99% of paper waste generated is recycled.
    • For January to December 2013:
    • Total Material Recovered:
    • 35 Metric Tonnes
    • Landfilled Reduction:
    • 136.3 Cubic Yards
    • Energy Saved: 258,890 kWh
    • Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction:
      153.1 Te CO2e
    • Water Saved: 1,022,580 Litres
    • Oil (Petroleum) Saved: 152.3 Barrels
    • Trees Saved: 594 Mature Trees
    • Diversion Rate of 94%
  • Metal Plates
    • Our plates are processed using only a gum, no harsh chemicals and after they are used they are recycled into other metal products.
  • Toner Cartridges and Impression Drums
    • All of our cartridges and impression drums are returned to the manufacture for proper disposal and recycling.
  • Inks
    • Our inks are Soya based and contain some of the lowest VOCs in the industry.